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A self-discovery stay where I discover my limits

I will know my limiting beliefs and learn to perceive my emotions...


Are you limited by something? 

Do you feel like you're not living the life you want?

Do you underestimate yourself, don't believe in yourself and feel like you're not good enough? 

Can't handle your emotions? You don't know how to deal with them? 

Would you like to be more satisfied with yourself? 

If you are at least answered YES twice, then this program is exactly what you are looking for! Within two-day workshops you will learn connect to yourself, you will find out why aren't you living your potential in life, what is actually holding you back and how to work with it. Probably you are limited by your limiting beliefs, with whom we will work. And what is a limiting belief? 

These are formulas, sentences that you learned in childhood, that someone told you and you believed them. It can be, for example, that you are not good enough, or that you should be a good girl and please everyone. It has a lot to do with setting your own boundaries and how attentive you are to yourself. Can you tell when something is not pleasant for you, what you feel?

Therapist Sandra will work on this topic with you and other women. In addition, she will prepare ritual, within which you give away what you no longer needRadush(I) will teach you connect to your body through movement and dance. You will release energy and you will also pump in new one. You will learn move your hips, but also the whole body. You will find out which movements are pleasant for you and which are unpleasant. We will then share it together. 

Andy will be accompanied by yoga and relaxation. You will again feel your body and muscles and you will work with them consciously. And that brings you into your body and your feelings. 

Does it resonate with you?

Take life in your hands and take advantage of this opportunity. Buď svá is a weekend for you!



self-development guide, women's circles and sharing, ritual 



African dance, energizing through dance, self-discovery through movement

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-15 at 20.26.21 (2).jpeg


calming the mind through yoga, stretching the body, feeling the movement


Saturday 8-18.30

Sunday 10-16.00



8.00-9.30   Yoga with Andy

9.45-11.00   Workshop with Sandra

11.15-12.15   Afro vibes with Raduš (dance)

--- break for lunch ---

13.30-14.30 Workshop with Sandra 

14.45-15.45   Movement workshop with Raduš (connection to the body)

16.00-18.30 Ritual 



10.00-11.00    Dance with Raduš

11.15-12.30     Workshop with Sandra

--- break for lunch ---

13.30-14.30    Final program with Sandra 

14.45-16.15      Yoga with Andy


What will this weekend bring you?

  • You will understand yourself better. 

  • You will find out what limits you in life and surrender it in the ritual.

  • You will share your impressions and feelings in a circle of women who are similarly tuned in to you. Maybe you'll get the friends you've been looking for a long time.

  • You will connect with your body and begin to experience your emotions more. 

  • You will learn to recognize your emotions and start to be more attentive to yourself. 

  • You will figure out how to set your boundaries. 

  • You will be more yourself.

  • You'll learn to dance and unleash the living energy inside you.




the price includes the program for 2 days, premises 


pay the priceat the latestwithin 5 days of registrationand receiving an informational email


15 people maximum

minimum of 10 people to carry out the program


Děkujeme za Vaši přihlášku. Sledujte Váš e-mail, popř. spam pro informační e-mail. 

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