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About me

Welcome to my site. My name is Radka Lišková, but everyone calls me either Raduš or Ráďo. You may know that I am mainly a dancer and teacher of modern African dances. What you may not know is that I started to really enjoy make-up and hair.

When covid started it was hard for me. From day to day I didnt have the job I loved - dance lessons and workshops. For a long time I was looking for something that I enjoyed as much as dancing. 

After covid, I completed a retraining course at a hairdresser, so I can practice this profession. I wanted to learn how to comb hairstyles, especially wedding hairstyles. And thanks to that, I thought that I could also take a make-up course. I have always liked cosmetics, lipsticks, I have been involved in hair care for a long time, I read product ingredients and I am a bit organic :D, so I am interested in everything natural. Anyway, to get back to the topic - I signed up for the Basic make-up course at the Make Up Institute Prague. 

At the end of August 2022, I successfully completed the above-mentioned course. I have to say that the whole Institute impressed me. The course was conducted professionally, we had material at our disposal, everyone was very nice and accommodating to us. I am passionate about the Make Up Institute and make up. I started having a lot of fun! I am still learning, I am going to take many more courses, but I feel that this is another activity that I enjoy and that I enjoy almost as much as dancing. It is an activity where I forget time and I am creative. I can help women feel beautiful and I enjoy it. 

At the moment I am gathering practice and I am very excited about it. I will be very happy if you decide to support me on my journey, in any way. Do not hesitate to contact me with a question or offer. 


Make Up & hair styling Praha. Denní a večerní/plesové líčení. Foto make up. Líčení bio kosmetikou. Bio make up. Účesy dle přání. 

I currently work with product brands:

Zuii Organic, Inika, Mádara, Poetiko, Uoga Uoga, Kryolan, MUD, Puro Bio, Make Up Studio, MAC, Aether Beauty.

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