I started dancing at the age of 17. At first I did street dance (hip hop, house dance, funk), for a long time I also did waacking. Later, I discovered dancehall music and became interested in dancehall as a dance style that was not very widespread in the Czech Republic at that time. A few years later, thanks to videos and Janča J Jelínková, I discovered African modern dances from Angola - kuduro and afrohouse, and began to devote myself to these dances.

I have visited Lisbon several times, where I participated in the Afrobattle Portugal event. In 2017, together with my dance partner Alexa Grig (Romania), I made it to the finals and in 2018 to the semifinals in the 2vs2 battle (afrohouse & kuduro). In Lisbon, I also studied private lessons with local dancers. I like to go to Poland for Kuduromania, which is a dance festival specializing in afrohouse & kuduro. It was there that I really fell in love with these dance styles and began to devote myself fully to them.

In November 2018, I visited Angola as part of the Kambas project - from Europe to Angola, organized by Jacinto Teca. It was a valuable experience for me and especially a dream come true. I got to know the local culture, people, nature and of course danced right in Angola.


My inspiration is my friend and great dancer Janča J Jelínková, also Blaya (former member of Buraka Som Sistema), Bolicao (a great dancer from Lisbon, who inspires me mainly in underground kuduro) and Vandro Poster (artist and dancer from Angola). I currently work in Prague, where I teach regular open classes and train competitive dance groups.


I founded the Afros.cz project together with Andy Staňková and Hanka Nováková, when I was still living and teaching mainly in Olomouc. We organized various dance halls, workshops with Czech and foreign teachers, as well as regular lessons of salsa, bachata and kizomba. After I moved to Prague, together with Ivon Szantová and Lenka Nedvědilová, I founded the first Czech Afro crew Afros.cz crew, which focuses mainly on African styles from Angola.