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I started dancing when I was 17 years old. At first I was involved in street dance (hip hop, house dance, funk), and for a long time I was also involved in waacking. Later, I discovered dancehall music and became interested in dancehall as a dance style that was not yet very widespread in the Czech Republic at that time. A few years later, thanks to videos and Janča J Jelínková, I discovered African modern dances from Angola - kuduro and afrohouse and started to devote myself to these dances.

I have already visited Lisbon several times, where I participated in the Afrobattle Portugal event. In 2017, together with my dance partner Alexa Grig (Romania), I made it to the finals and in 2018 to the semi-finals in the 2vs2 battle (afrohouse & kuduro). In Lisbon, I also took private lessons with local dancers. I enjoyed going to Poland for Kuduromania, which was a unique dance festival specializing in Afrohouse & Kuduro. It was there that I really fell in love with these dance styles and began to fully devote myself to them.

In November 2018, I visited Angola as part of the Kambas project - from Europe to Angola, which is organized by Jacinto Teca. It was a valuable experience for me and, above all, a dream come true. I got to know the local culture, people, nature and, of course, danced directly in Angola.

My inspiration in the beginning was my dance teacher and great dancer Janča J Jelínková, who mainly taught me attitude and the basics of hip hop, dancehall and afro. I am grateful to her for what she gave me. My idol was and still is the singer and dancer Blaya (former member of Buraka Som Sistema). I love her slightly more powerful style and crazy footwork. I consider Bolicao to be one of the best kuduro underground dancers, who is an extremely talented and crazy dancer from Lisbon. I love his lessons they are always fun! Also, Selma Mylene is an amazing dancer who has her own unique style and I like her feeling. From Angola, I would single out the singer and dancer Vandro Poster, from whom I took classes in Angola and I consider him one of the best dancers.


I currently work in Prague, where I teach regular open classes and organize workshops and trainings for my crew. We have recently put together the Afro Diversity project with the dancers SHAMI and ANGELA, which is unique. We share our know-how about African dances - traditional Afro, Afrohouse and Afrobeats. The workshops also include a lecture and discussion on the history of African dances. 

I founded the project together with Andy Staňková and Hanka Nováková when I was still living and teaching mainly in Olomouc. We organized various dance classes, workshops with Czech and foreign lecturers, as well as regular salsa, bachata and kizomba lessons. After I moved to Prague, together with Ivon Szantová and Lenka Nedvědilová, I founded the first Czech afro crew, crew, which focuses mainly on African styles from Angola.

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