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We offer workshops, group and private lessons of African dances Afrohouse and Kuduro.


You can also order pre-recorded video lessons or tailor-made video lessons from us.


Register for an online course or book a show.

NEW - We offer hairdressing services.

Instructions for filling out the form:


1) Do not forget to fill in the required information - name, surname, e-mail and telephone number.

2) Indicate in the subject of the message why you are contacting us.

3) Reason for contacting:

- If you are requesting a show, state which show it is, where and when it will take place, how many dancers you require and what dance styles you are interested in.

- If you are requesting a dance workshop, state which workshop it should be, how long, what dance styles you are interested in and where and on what day it should take place.

- If you are requesting a lesson, animation, participation in a video clip, ... state again what the event is, where it will take place, the date and your idea.

- You want a haircut, new hair color etc. 

4) If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us.


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