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Hall: Jiřího z Poděbrad - small dance hall


Time: THURSDAY 18.00 - 19.00

         START 6.2. 2023


Price: find out on the website or send a question to the studio's e-mail.





Afrohouse as a dance originated in Angola in the 90s. Afrohouse music was brought to Angola from South Africa by Angolan DJs. In Angola, other sounds and traditional rhythms were added to it. At first, people did not know how to dance to this music, so they danced what they knew - kuduro. But Afrohouse music is slower and more "chill". Therefore, the dancers began to adjust some of the kuduro steps. Gradually, original Afrohouse movements began to emerge, which are still being created today. This style of dance can be considered an evolution of kudura - it is its successor. Nowadays, Afrohouse is more popular than Kuduro in Angola, so Kuduro artists make Afrohouse music that is much faster than before. Dance is also adapting to this trend, in which we can see more and more kuduro footworks. Afrohouse has nothing to do with house dance, it has a completely different energy and feeling. Afrohouse can be combined with other dance styles, but the original feeling must be maintained.



Kuduro originated in the 1980s in Angola as a dance style. The music to which this dance is performed is called batida and was created at the same time by mixing semba, zouk, soca, house and traditional Angolan rhythms. At first it was more instrumentals, later "singing" (rapping) started to be added to the music. Kuduro in translation means hard ass = heavy ass and it is a very aggressive and fast dance. Mainly step combinations (footwork) are used, body isolation and pelvic movements are also used. The steps and combinations that resulted were named after the dancers who invented them. Nowadays, this is no longer the case and we find that 60% of the movements have no meaning. The dance was also strongly influenced by ndombolo (from the Congo), Kwassa kwassa and soukous. Kuduro is represented by Tony Amado.



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